Friday, June 10, 2011

Toshiba L655 Review

This toshiba L655 review is from: Toshiba Satellite L655-S5158 15.6-Inch Laptop (Black) (Personal Computers) by LavenderMoon, one of customer

I can't say enough good things about this laptop. Fires right up, nicely responsive, easy to use. I thought I was really going to struggle with the concept of using a finger pad instead of a mouse, but this computer makes it so easy, it's a pain-free way to learn the different cursor-moving technique. I LOVE the numeric key-pad that is included in the alpha section of the keyboard, because that makes it more like a desk top keyboard for me.

When the power consumption is set to 'Eco', it can run for five hours on a single charge, depending on what you are doing. The screen is beautiful and crisp. I view a lot of my photos on it and they present very nicely on this Toshiba. It weighs just under five pounds, considerably lighter than many full-size laptops I have seen, so I don't mind taking it with me when I go somewhere.

The only problem I have encountered (and the reason for the 4 stars instead of 5) is that I cannot get it to stream video without stopping and starting. I haven't read any other reviews that mention this issue, so it might just be my IP connection, or it is exclusive to mine, like a glitch, but it is severe enough to reduce the star count in my opinion. I don't use this computer for that purpose often, so it won't present much of a problem for me in the long run, but it needed to be mentioned.

The outer shell is attractively shiny, but it is a HUGE finger-print magnet. I promptly got a protective skin for it. I would highly recommend that to anyone considering this... or you will constantly be cleaning it, or walking around with a nasty-looking, grubbed-up device.

I don't understand the complaints about the fan running; it seldom does, and when it does, it's not for long and I often use this laptop sitting on a pillow on my lap.

I also don't understand the complaints about the speakers. I didn't buy it to listen to music... and the speakers work just fine for the things you need to hear. If you want 'nice speakers', buy a nice stereo or some surround-sound for your television. This laptop easily gets the job done, but it's not going to make your bed or fold the laundry for you. Unless you're the kind of person that buys a sofa hoping you will be able to drive it to the store, or a coffee maker hoping it will make breakfast for you, this laptop is a GREAT portable computer.

For plenty of power, plus room to multitask, study and play, the Satellite L655 laptop is a great choice, with its famous Toshiba quality, value and style, and a generous 15.6” diagonal TruBrite HD display. This larger screen is great for doing more things at once, handling business at home or in the field, watching movies or playing online RPG games. New multi-core processors from Intel and AMD, plus lots of memory and storage, make it a strong all-around performer for students, small-business owners, families and light gamers, who’ll love its stunning Fusion Finish in a choice of colors. A webcam with Wireless-N, and wide range of ports, will keep them well connected with room to expand and share. Select models with HDMI or a Blu-ray Disc player deliver super-sized entertainment. And Toshiba “Smart Features”-like a Touch pad with multi-touch control and our power-saving eco Utility-make this laptop convenient for them and right for the environment too. With Toshiba, mainstream is far from mediocre.